Heat Exchangers and Condensers

The Harris Pye Group offers a worldwide  service for heat exchangers and  condensers.  

We specialise in the repair and  restoration of the following:

  • Main condensers
  • Auxiliary condensers
  • Feed heaters
  • Cargo heaters
  • Jacket water coolers
  • Oil coolers  

We maintain large stocks of various  sizes and grades of fully certified  materials for immediate delivery.  

  • Copper alloys
  • Carbon steels
  • Inconel
  • SMO
  • Stainless steels
  • Super duplex
  • Titanium  


By deploying highly skilled teams of  technicians around the world we can  carry out total retubing of main and  auxiliary condensers, feed heaters, cargo  heaters, jacket water coolers and oil  coolers.  

Tube Inserts  

We can restore many failed units to full  working order where the defect is known  to be tube end corrosion or erosion by  way of the tube insert method.  

Chemical and  Mechanical Cleaning  

Our cleaning system utilises several  methods including Teflon coated jet  brushes that are propelled through the  tubes at high speeds using compressed  air and water. In addition to this we have  several other types of cleaning methods  available.


Inspections, with the aid of three ball  micrometers and full colour video optic  equipment are carried out by a team of  technicians prior to repairs.