Module Engineering and Construction

Inert Gas Generator (IGG) systems

Harris Pye, in collaboration with longstanding experienced Inert Gas Systems suppliers, are highly capable of fully designing, manufacturing and servicing a multitude of IGG/IGS/FGS systems. All inert gas systems (IGG/IGS/FGS) will be delivered to the satisfaction of the IMO convention and built-in accordance with the Requirements of the Major International Classification Societies.

Having a proven customised solution approach towards skidding / modularisation / containerisation of marine/topside equipment, Harris Pye also specialises in designing end-to-end project solutions to pioneering new technologies and ways of working regardless of the scale, complexity, or location of their project to fit client specifications. Our strong track record with many satisfied clients documents our position as a world leader in the industry.

Boiler Modules

Harris Pye is committed to supply turnkey solutions and plug and play packages for the offshore industry.

Our product solutions focuses on fully customized single lift topside multi fuel fired steam boilers and hot water heater modules complete with combustion systems, structure, lighting and pipe work ready for installation on the deck of an FPSO.

Harris Pye can also provide Engine room boilers constructed in the engine room as flat pack or supplied loose.

Engine Room Boiler Gas conversions, equipment installation, double wall piping, complete including Instrumentation and controls supply and installation.

Heating medium WHRU unit installed on the exhaust side of a gas turbine or gas fired diesel alternator comprising of internal bypass, dampers, silencers, ducting and extended surface spiral tube bundles for optimum efficiency. This can be supplied as a complete module.

Harris Pye is your preferred partner for all Offshore and FPSO solutions.