Ratification Tightens Grip on Shipowners

With the imminent ratification of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention 2004, the installation of the Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) must commence immediately. With around 57,000 vessels soon to require installation of a BWTS, this further proves the goliath task at hand for all ship owners. Harris Pye Engineering now has a dedicated Green Technology Department that offers retrofitting of 3rd party class approved ballast water treatment systems, in service or in yard globally. Harris Pye are able to advise on system selection with respect to suitability for the vessel both in terms of space and power consumption. In addition to supplying a full turnkey solution for the installation, the Group also offer the owner an objective review of costs and the work scope involved.

For an efficient and cost effective installation, comprehensive project planning is fundamental. This is why Harris Pye offers extensive plans and detailed engineering for all projects. This includes Level 4 Project Plans, GAP analysis between owners selected systems and integration, 3D laser scanning (the group has eight laser scanning units and two laser scanning arms),  3D modelling of installation and Isometric drawings for prefabrication, as well as a dedicated project team liaising and coordinating with the client on a daily basis. This ensures a streamlined installation process and minimises disruption to ships staff.

With facilities worldwide, prefabrication of necessary spool are able to be produced locally and convenient to the ship owner’s location, this drastically reduces supply chain costs and decreases installation time during service. For the installation process, pipe installation of both GRE and conventional steel will be carried out by fully accredited artisans. The Group also provides scope work in underwater and EX areas, through fully certified technicians and third party companies respectively.

Harris Pye Engineering endeavor to provide services regardless of time constraints and aim to support our clients with the full network of Harris Pye’s global resource pool on a 24/7 basis. Retrofitting ships now will give companies a competitive advantage later – particularly the case when other owners fail to make the necessary changes and are left short of time and scrambling to abide by IMO regulations.