Harris Pye Group has built an enviable reputation as one of the world’s leading specialists in repair of industrial boilers, including all associated steam systems.

Our marine engineering section outlines the wide range of services offered that are, in many cases, equally applicable to industrial engineering requirements.

We continue to invest significantly in finning machine extensions and upgrades at our manufacturing plant in Singapore, which has led to us being able to serve new markets across the global power, oil and gas, petrochemical and marine industries; as well as being able to respond quickly to emergency failures of exhaust gas boilers and economisers.

Power providers around the world are eager to take advantage of our HP Economiser range. The range is designed to recover waste heat contained within boiler exhaust gases and transfer as much energy as is practically possible to the incoming boiler feed water stream. By using this ‘waste’ heat to pre-heat the incoming water stream, our Economiser range helps to ensure the ‘green’ credentials of power providers, and also provides ongoing savings through significant reductions in spiralling fuel bills. Plus there are the added possibilities of carbon credit trading.