Complete Boiler Systems and Deck Boilers

Deck Boilers

Harris Pye Group signed an agreement in 2011with TEi Ltd which allows for manufacture of their boilers under licence. These boilers, which are intended primarily for use on FPSO, FSO and other marine installations, can easily be adapted and modified for use in any number of applications which have a requirement for power and / or process steam.

As described above, each boiler package is custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.  We undertake every aspect of the design in-house, from skid and module (including stress analysis) through to associated naval architecture requirements.

TEi takes responsibility for the design and detailed engineering of the boilers, which are based on well-proven and reputable Foster Wheeler Marine designed units, whilst the Harris Pye Group is responsible for all other aspects of engineering, manufacture, installation and commissioning, including aftercare of the boilers and all associated module plant and equipment.

TEi Technical Services is fully ISO 9001 certified, and originates from the design and engineering office of Foster Wheeler Power Products Limited (FWPP), acquired by TEi’s previous owners in 1988. TEi has all FWPP original design data for their many marine boiler installations, which include main and auxiliary boiler units, providing both superheated and saturated steam.

Typically the ESD auxiliary boilers have evaporation rates of 20 Te / hr to 60 Te / hr at approximately 20 barg and 250 °C whilst the ESD main boilers have evaporation rates of 35 Te / hr to 155 Te / hr at approximately 60 barg and 515 °C. The main boiler designs are based on the FWPP ESD III and ESD IV designs.

All boilers are designed and will be manufactured in accordance with ASME 1 / ABS design codes.

The boilers and associated equipment are available in either fully assembled or flat pack form from the Harris Pye manufacturing facilities in the UK, and in China, Dubai, Singapore or Brazil to service the emerging FPSO markets in these regions.

Complete Boiler Systems

Harris Pye provides complete turnkey boiler systems, encompassing every aspect of design, supply, installation and commissioning.  There are only a limited number of companies which can offer this technology and equipment to the market, let alone the turnkey possibility.

Inherent to this complete package, we supply, install and commission all combustion equipment including Automatic Combustion Controls (ACC) and Burner Management Systems (BMS), Field Gas, HFO and MDO fuel delivery skids, feed & condensate systems and steam distribution systems.  If required we can also supply process equipment such as turbo-alternators and crude heaters.

We also offer full conversion services from HFO to Dual Fuel, including re-tubing and Dual Fuel (Field Gas & MDO) and combustion equipment.

Each boiler package is designed to meet the specific requirements of particular projects, for both power and process steam duties.  We can undertake and complete on an in-house basis, each and every aspect of the design, which includes – but is not limited to – thermal design and associated activities, skid and module design & layout including stress analysis, and naval architecture requirements such as under deck stiffening and stability calculations.