Structural Steel

Harris Pye Engineering is a key player in marine and offshore structural steel work, our own in house design, engineering, fabrication, installation and quality departments, allows us to provide full turnkey project packages to clients.  

We have our own (class approved) welding and fabrication procedures, which eliminates the need for any additional costs to our clients.  

With a vast range of the latest technology (including our own 3D Laser Scanner and stress analysis software) we can provide second to none stress and alignment analysis service.  

We offer the highest quality and grades of materials to ensure we meet the requirements of our clients and also classification society approval.  

Products supplied include

  • Hull plates
  • Stiffeners
  • Foundation steel work
  • Platforms  

The fabrication workshop located in SouthWales is 98 meters x 46 meters, with two overhead gantries hosting a 30 tonne lifting capacity with 5 meters of head room. The same workshop has large roller shutter doors at either end allowing for materials to enter the workshop via the material controlled department and straight in to the cutting section. From this section it moves through to the workshop and finally undergoes stringent inspections under the QA department’s strict standards.  

The cutting section has a guillotine with the ability to cut 20mm plate over a 3 meter length, as well as a CNC plasma and flame cutting facility capable of cutting 100mm thick plate on a 2 meter x 4 meter bed.  

Within the rolling department, there are two sets of plate able to roll from 5mm up to 65mm thickness over a 3 meter width, whilst also able to pre-bend 55mm plate and includes a section roll able to roll pipes up to 6 inches schd 80.  

We have two Pedrazzoli tube bending machines with the capacity to bend to a maximum of 76mm OD X 6mm wall and various tube reshaping and pressing machines.  

The welding section has an Armco column and boom submerged arcwelding machine competently welding 4.5 meters in diameter, over a 6 meter track with roll manipulators. Our manual welding capabilities are extensive, with 100 of coded welders and welding procedures.  

In the Group’s UK workshop there are large available areas of floor space which can be utlisied for laying out and as well as for fabrication assembly.  

In addition to this, we have our own inhouse blasting bay and separate temperature controlled paint bay moreover, within our main workshop we have segregated stainless steel pipework and fabrication shops.