Eex Surveys

Surveys of electrical systems within  hazardous areas onboard operational and  new building MODU’s, this is completed  by qualified Compex inspectors to IEC and  API standards. The Eex register is  compiled for individual Eex fittings each  being photographed with position  mapped for initial remedial work, future  surveys and monthly maintenance  requirements..  

Operational Rigs  

On operational rigs the Group are able to  use the vessels existing Eex register and  the hazardous area zone drawing to  inspect all items which should be  classified as Eex. Through this the  inspectors look for the correct zone  rating, correct installation of equipment,  correct labelling and tagging, any existing  damage to the equipment, equipment  installation in the incorrect zone or not on  the register, likewise for equipment on  the register which has since been  removed.  

From here, our team are able  to draw up a new register or  amend the existing to display  all findings.  

Furthermore the drawing of a schedule to  highlight faults found, including a  recommended course of action to rectify  the same. All work scopes are carried out  by qualified Compex Inspectors.  

New Build Rigs  

In terms of new build rigs Harris Pye  Engineering work in conjunction with  shipyards on the as-built BOM and  hazardous area zone drawings. From here  the teams are able to inspect all  equipment within the defined hazardous  areas as previously mentioned. The  inspectors then records any faults in  order for corrective measures to be  implemented, whilst simultaneously  providing a detailed schedule or for all  equipment inspected specifying the  manufacturer, model, zone rating, zone  class where equipment is installed, serial  number, gas group, temperature group,  certifying authority and their reference  number. Alongside the listed information,  each piece of equipment will have a  photograph included for reference. In  conjunction a set of gridded drawings will  be made, to show individual pieces of  equipment and their locations.