Deck Boilers

These boilers, which are intended  primarily for use on marine  installations, can easily be adapted and  modified for use in any number of  applications which have a requirement for  power and / or process steam.  

Each boiler package will be customdesigned  to meet the specific  requirements of individual customers.  We can undertake and complete on an inhouse  basis, every aspect of the design of  these modules. These include but are not  limited to – thermal design and  associated activities, skid and module  design and layout including stress  analysis, as well as naval architecture  requirements.  

Harris Pye Engineering will be responsible  for all aspects of design engineering,  manufacture, installation and  commissioning, including aftercare of the  boilers and all associated module plant  and equipment.  

All boilers are designed and  manufactured in accordance  with ASME 1 / ABS design  codes, as well as being  ISO 9001 certified.  

The boilers and associated equipment are  available in either fully assembled or flat  pack form from the Harris Pye Engineering manufacturing facilities in  the UK, China, UAE, Singapore or Brazil to  service the emerging FPSO markets in  these regions.