Retrofitting of Ballast Water Treatment Systems

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Harris Pye offers a full turnkey retrofit installation for any type of Ballast Water Treatment System with a focus on in-service installations rather than in a shipyard as we believe that this offers many benefits for the ship-owner in terms of time, flexibility and assurance when compared to a shipyard installation. We are however equally open to installing within a refit period if that is the client’s preference and would propose to minimise the required installation time for either option through detailed front end engineering and design, pre-fabrication and extensive project planning. System design will consider the vessel’s trading pattern and the need to comply with USCG requirements as well as IMO standards. We would utilise any planned downtime to optimise the installation and complete key elements of the project with all further installation work being completed by riding squads.

Our in-service turnkey solution includes:

    • 3D Scan and Survey using Harris Pye in-house specialists
    • Development of a customised system design with consideration for an ergonomic installation which is optimised for operability and maintainability
    • Detailed engineering to produce isometric drawings for all structural and piping requirements
    • Preparation and submission of all documentation required for Classification Society approval
    • Pre-fabrication of all engineering requirements
    • Installation by Harris Pye riding squad
    • Update of all P&IDs and BWMP as appropriate
    • Commissioning
    • Project Management
    • Training the ship’s crew once installation is complete