Mechanical Services

Engine Overhaul  

Harris Pye Engineering is able to offer a full overhaul and reconditioning service for all types of engines via riding squads, or at our fully equipped global workshops operated by full trained and experienced repair technicians  

In Situ Machining  

Using our own portable grinding equipment, we are able to offer an in situ reconditioning service on the following items: liner landing faces, entablature landing faces, and valve pocket landing faces.We are also able to machine in-situ all types of valves including inlet, exhaust and starting air types.  

Propeller Service  

We provide a 24 hour service with highly skilled and travelled service engineers with vast experience globally on C.P Propellers and O/D box surveys and renewals. 

Other Mechanical Services  

Harris Pye Engineering also offer a full range of mechanical services including pump overhaul, generator refurbishment as well as chemical cleaning.