Accommodation Outfitting, Galleys and Modules

Outfitting Capabilities  

Harris Pye Engineering has established a formidable reputation over a number of years for the design, manufacture and installation of a myriad of elements enabling the provision of complete packages.

We create the right design solution tailored to client’s individual needs and budgets.

From our specialist workshops we can carry out all part of the manufacturing process in house to the highest standards. Installations can be carried out by our skilled fitters during refits, new builds or while in service worldwide, by way of mobile work squads.


Operating both in the marine and land based environments; Harris Pye Engineering’s Outfitting department offers bespoke design concept services to  its clients, ensuring that the best solution is chosen to meet needs and budgets. Our in-house design team uses state of the art 360 degree scanning equipment and software to design minutely accurate solutions and create stunning walkthrough 3D designs, negating errors whilst ensuring fast turnaround.  

We work with the client’s manager and contractors; ship builders and managers to arrive at the most suitable layout, products and coverings.  

Accommodation Modules  

The modules offered by Harris Pye come in a range of sizes: 12.2m/40ft, 9.8m/32ft, 7.8m/26ft, 6.1m/20ft. Modules can be made to accommodate 1, 2, 4 or 8men depending on the cabin layouts and number of bunks per cabin specified.  

The Group’s modules are able to be delivered with either A60 windows or A60 hatches installed; all modules are equipped with wet rooms in each cabin. Modules can also be H60 fire-rated if and when required and are compliant with current SOLAS regulations.  

The standard features of our modules include DNV (BS EN 12079) or ABS certification, HVAC system, A60 or H60 fire rating, fire and gas detection system, sprinkler system, emergency lighting, full automatic shutdown (CPFG panels – optional), fire dampers, PA/TV/Tel sockets and connections, modules can be adapted to suit a myriad of needs including but not limited to galleys, recreation rooms, canteens, laundries, locker rooms and offices.  

Accommodation modules can be utilised as either standalone units or linked and stacked together to form multi-purpose, multi-level accommodation complexes. Linking kits are waterproof and provide a watertight barrier; these kits are supplied with each module. The structures are designed to link together efficiently and thus minimise valuable hook up time.  

Manufacture and Installation  

Our highly skilled and experienced outfitters ensure that all stages of programming and works undertaken are subject to and comply with all the latest class and stringent quality assurance regulations, and are therefore guaranteed accordingly. Many clients require turnkey packages, so it’s common for the outfitting department to work with other divisions within the Group on large projects. This greatly aids the planning and execution of extensive work scopes.  

Installations are carried out both during vessel refits and whilst the ship is in service. The latter requires a riding squad of engineers and fabricators. We are well versed in this practice with personnel on standby to travel at short notice and to work at sea for extended periods on scheduled projects.  

Galleys and Bespoke Stainless Steel  

We have vast global experience of installing galley equipment on ships worldwide, and working to tight deadlines.  

We design, manufacture and install state of the art galleys  

These are completely built on our premises in order for clients to view the installation prior to fitting.  

The emergence of Norovirus on cruise vessels has led to enhanced regulations for hygiene standards on ships. These particularly apply to the construction methods used to manufacture food preparation facilities. Both the United States Public Health (USPH) and United Kingdom Public Health (UKPH) are placing great emphasis on the same. All our marine installations comply stringently with both USPH and UKPH requirements.  

Harris Pye Engineering also has an excellent track record with onshore projects – namely stainless steel pipework. Our teams offer complete solutions from design, manufacture to installation according to the client’s requirements. The group has completed extensive projects including food preparation areas, galley equipment, beverage stations, galley troughs, washrooms, deck clearing stations, bars and pantries.  

Marine and Offshore Refrigeration and HVAC  

Refrigeration Provision Plant / Cold Rooms Our highly qualified and experienced team offer a full design, including insulated cold rooms of chill and deep freeze, with full service repair of all refrigeration equipment compressors, condensers, evaporators, receivers, oil separators and more, using state of the art equipment and supplied by leading manufactures.  

Our team also carry out the retrofit of refrigerants to conform to latest legal (flag state) requirements.  

Air Conditioning Systems We offer full design of new or repair / upgrade of existing systems including all refrigeration equipment, Including AHU (air handling units,) ductwork fire dampers air outlets insulation (thermal and fire) full electrical and automatic  controls, all which fully conform to classification requirements.  

Turnkey chilled water design, supply and installation packages.  

Harris Pye Engineering also offer package air conditioning units for engine control rooms and cargo control rooms and smaller workshop areas with a full range of explosion proof, zone rated equipment.  

Cargo Systems In addition to the above, Harris Pye Engineering offer service, repair and overhaul for classification requirements for cooling (primary) for L.P.G. cargo systems and inert gas cooling systems along with all refrigerated cargo plants.  

HVAC ductwork Our experienced teams offer full design, manufacture and installation of HVAC ductwork.  

Our system offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance in a fire safe system and is a more economical and efficient method.  

We offer pre insulated spiral wound ductwork as well as bespoke ductwork all manufactured in accordance with latest ASHRAE guidelines, SOLAS Regulations and DW144 specification.  

We offer a system which excels in terms of thermal performance producing significant energy savings whilst remaining durable and suitable for all acoustic applications with superior sound attenuation.  

Furniture and Furnishings  

All furniture can be bespoke designed and make to measure:  

  • Steel – available in a wide variety of RAL colours
  • Laminate – available in many styles and varieties, including ‘NewWood’ style laminate finishes
  • Upholstery and curtains – wide  selection of fabrics and leathers; all IMO approved
  • Flooring – all styles of laminate, hard flooring, carpets and vinyl supplied and fitted, including ‘Amtico’ style flooring
  • Joinery – bespoke
  • French polishing


Our range of marine products provides excellent fire, thermal and acoustic performances combined with substantial weight savings.We have an extensive team with the ability to provide installation of industrial thermal insulation and cladding to both high and low temperature piping, containment vessels and exhaust systems as well as assistance on plant shut downs. The specialist teams offer maintenance of insulated plant and equipment, acoustic insulation solutions for noise problems and passive fire protection. For the marine fire divisions we are able to offer expert assistance and advice in the design and installation of fire divisions the group offers access to an extensive knowledge database on insulation issues associated with critical areas such as engine rooms, vehicle decks, bulkheads, deckheads and penetrations. The insulation division is able to offer whole of life vessel support and maintenance arrangements for fire divisions including supply and installation of other fire boundary devices such as doors, dampers and penetrations, profile wrap fire divisions, modular panel systems as well as high temperature exhaust system insulation in adherence to classification society requirements.  

Our team has extensive experience within conventional marine and high-speed craft industry.  

We have developed insulation solutions for structural fire protection to meet stringent International Maritime Organisation, commercial and military standards.  


Our extensive team of skilled electricians and technicians holds the ability to offer full design, procurement and installation of all electrical works including:  

  • Small power and lighting systems
  • Fire and gas detection systems
  • Variable speed drives (ventilation).  

We have the capability for provision and installation of new galley supplies as per client specifications and requirements as well as design and installation of distribution boards.  

Our services allow for integration in to existing systems including PA/GA and IT, our projects are completed following all statutory and regulatory requirements. This is all supported by a complete set of test and commissioning documentation which is provided to the client.  

Plumbing and Pipefitting  

Harris Pye Engineering have a solution for all types of pipe installations. Our design team can tackle any problem from new build to retrofit. We build off-site from latest laser scan technology and our experienced engineers are fully conversant in all types of plumbing and pipe fitting to the highest standards. Harris Pye Engineering mobilise riding crews globally 24/7, to all marine and offshore projects whether it be from plumbing in a wet unit to high pressure pipe installations.  

Our engineers have been trained in all types of installation for standard marine and offshore installations as well as materials include carbon steel, copper, cupronickel, stainless steel and UPVC, be it sanitary to fresh water, chilled water and refrigerant grade copper.  

Specialist materials include:  

  • Instaflex Fusion welded UPVC
  • Loro – black and grey water pipework
  • Refrigerant grade copper
  • High pressure pipework and gas lines
  • Mapres – stainless steel seamless pipe