Finned Tube Services

Harris Pye can offer comprehensive design and manufacturing facilities for both plain tube and extended surface exhaust gas economiser assemblies.  Extended surface configurations include single and double 'H' gilled, helical wound and pin type.


At the heart of our manufacturing facility are the special purpose built finning machines. They have been developed and improved over many years to ensure the highest quality output at the right cost. Strict supervision of all automatic processes ensures the finished product meets the highest quality and performance requirements.


Helical solid fin tube is produced on state of the art high frequency spiral fin tube welding machines. Tube sizes from 25 mm to 115 mm OD can be wound with a range of fin heights from 10 - 25 mm on varying pitches, covering virtually all configurations found in marine service today.


Pairs of parallel shaped steel fins are resistance welded to the single pressure tube surface under very carefully controlled conditions. The purpose built welding machine ensures very precise indexing along the entire length of the tube and exact parallel attachment.

Steel 'H' fin was introduced in the 1950s due to the requirement for reliability in dirty and potentially corrosive environments, specifically associated with waste heat units fitted to the uptakes of large diesel engines. With today's deteriorating fuel quality found in the marine industry this is more relevant than ever.

The 'H' design reduces draft loss and allows straight-through flow of gas over the unit. Both these factors facilitate a self-cleaning effect, producing a considerable reduction in fouling and the potential for damaging and often catastrophic soot fires. The compact design of these units can realise a 50% saving in space compared to plain tube designs, another important consideration in the ever increasing necessity for space and weight savings in today's shipping industry.

At Harris Pye we place the most stringent quality requirements on our products and services.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers ensure that all stages of programming and works undertaken are subject to, and comply with, all the latest Class, and quality assurance regulations and guaranteed accordingly. Together with our promise of 24-hour worldwide service, our customers are confident that the can totally reply on us in all situations.


  • Project management
  • Welding qualifications & certificates
  • API compliant
  • Manufacturing of ‘H’ and helical fins
  • Design and drawing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Quality assurance
  • Classified carbon, low/high alloy stainless & Corten steel
  • Heat recovery steam generator